Sunday, December 25, 2011

a little tour.

i've promised a video tour...which shall be coming as soon as possible. but for now...i present an "instagram" tour to suffice you. i've been making slight alterations, bringing up books and things from my bedroom (it's taken long enough) and it's starting to look ever so homey!

here is the entrance to the sewing room. i've an inspiration/bulletin board hanging on the door. i have lists of all my future projects, etc (i'm an obsessive list maker). next to it is my fold up ironing board (very handy and not constantly in the way).

i have all my sewing books stored in this fold up desk/cabinet, along with a vintage fan i found in the attic, and a few trinkets that have been gifted to me by some dear friends. next is mandy the mannequin/dressform. and then my fold out cutting table.

isn't "whimsical fancy" the most lovely name ever. it's inspired by a quote from "rose in bloom" by louisa may alcott...SUCH a lovely book. isn't the way my older sister arranged those letter frames absolutely delightful?! and i love the cute little cabinets i have to store fabric in.

i always longed for a window seat...and this one is so perfect. hand sewing and watching movies on a rainy day while seated there is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

there you have it! be expecting a video tour very VERY soon! :)

rebecca jane

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

video tour?

anyone interested in a video tour of the upstairs sewing room?? sometimes it's really hard to tell from pictures exactly how it looks. aaaand since this blog is dedicated to the sewing room...i'd love to give everyone a close up look! :) soooo...let me know if you're interested and i'll try to get one out!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


big news, my friends...BIG NEWS!
i have the best family in the world.
i got the surprise of my life today. 
for more details about the surprise aspect...check out my personal blog.

long story short, practically my whole family has been plotting (behind my back) for like a WEEK!
and i hadn't a clue. not a clue, i tell you!
and yesterday my two older sisters spent the whole afternoon at the house organizing and fixing up the upstairs sewing room as an early christmas present for me!!!  i was simply speechless. 

instead of having the sewing machine table in the little was originally...they placed it slanted in the corner. they also found this CUTE vintage chair! AND they painted "whimsical" and found frames with the letters in "fancy". (ssshhhh "a whimsical fancy" is still a secret). isn't that clever?!

instead they have a nice bench (with baskets underneath for storage) along with adorable pillows and a vintage-y curtain.

they added a curtain over the window seat window and then next to it...a rack where there are baskets hanging holding ribbons and my hot glue gun and such! plus some boxes for MORE storage setting atop . 

and over that...they hung my cute mini painting/picture that sara (my sister) had gotten me. i've been wondering where to hang such a small picture! they're genius.

the other wall now holds my folding, cutting dressform (mandy), and my desk (which is now slanted as well). 

eeee! well. i am agog and aghast. and so very very pleased!!
and truly in LOVE with everything they did. 
now all that remains is for the floors to be re-finished and the windows fixed.
and who knows when that'll be done. but i'm cool with that.
and i cannot WAIT to get to crafting/sewing in my beautiful new room.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a set of drawers! with a secret desk.

we were at salvation army looking for a petite desk for the upstairs sewing room!
aaaand...i came across this beautiful set of drawers.
i thought, "since i need some storage space, this would be perfect!"

little did i know what when you pull open the top drawer...
out comes a desk! not a drawer!

the only problem was, we had forgotten to measure how tall the wall is in the room.
you know...up until it begins to slant.
so we looked up this blog on our phones.
trying to figure out the measurement.
we decided to get it.
and turns out...we had SIX inches to spare!

and so...another addition to the upstairs sewing room! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

project organization.

and so the hard part begins.



any suggestions, tips?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

slowly but surely.

paint, paint, and more paint! and yet we're still not done! the yellow is finally done. most of the blue (except around the windows and inside one closet) is done. and the white trim was just started last night. I'm personally not a big fan of painting...but it's fun seeing how nice a room looks with just a bit of paint!

the windows have to be replaced...but that won't happen too soon. also, the sconces have to be put in (and shall be, tomorrow). the window seat is done, but I'm still painting it (which is why the cushion isn't in it...). 

and you can't tell...but the insides of the little cupboards are blue! so cute!

as far as lighting...there are two track on each side of the room. with a DIMMER SWITCH! also little sconces on each side of each alcove. they are to be installed tomorrow.

so...what do you think?!?!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

color scheme.

for one...I found this painting that really inspired me. I love, love, LOVE the colors in it! sooooo...we went to Lowe's (where I had an embarrassing accident involving a loose lid and a cup full of sprite, sigh) and got some corresponding colors.

the yellow is for the walls.

the blue...not only matches a cute little sewing table I already own...but shall be for writing "sewing in the past" on one of the slanted walls...and we're also considering painting the little alcoves blue. what do you think?

and the pink. perhaps some roses to go along with the "sewing in the past"...or something. we aren't sure. but we got a 1/2 pint. and I'm sure it will be used somewhere.

and then...white for trim and doors.