Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a set of drawers! with a secret desk.

we were at salvation army looking for a petite desk for the upstairs sewing room!
aaaand...i came across this beautiful set of drawers.
i thought, "since i need some storage space, this would be perfect!"

little did i know what when you pull open the top drawer...
out comes a desk! not a drawer!

the only problem was, we had forgotten to measure how tall the wall is in the room.
you know...up until it begins to slant.
so we looked up this blog on our phones.
trying to figure out the measurement.
we decided to get it.
and turns out...we had SIX inches to spare!

and so...another addition to the upstairs sewing room! :)


Hana - Marmota said...

What a great find! With a desk! Marvelous.

Savories of Life said...

Very nice . Great to kow you know Hana , I do too! Do follow me.