Tuesday, September 28, 2010

project organization.

and so the hard part begins.



any suggestions, tips?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

slowly but surely.

paint, paint, and more paint! and yet we're still not done! the yellow is finally done. most of the blue (except around the windows and inside one closet) is done. and the white trim was just started last night. I'm personally not a big fan of painting...but it's fun seeing how nice a room looks with just a bit of paint!

the windows have to be replaced...but that won't happen too soon. also, the sconces have to be put in (and shall be, tomorrow). the window seat is done, but I'm still painting it (which is why the cushion isn't in it...). 

and you can't tell...but the insides of the little cupboards are blue! so cute!

as far as lighting...there are two track lights...one on each side of the room. with a DIMMER SWITCH! also little sconces on each side of each alcove. they are to be installed tomorrow.

so...what do you think?!?!