Sunday, December 19, 2010


big news, my friends...BIG NEWS!
i have the best family in the world.
i got the surprise of my life today. 
for more details about the surprise aspect...check out my personal blog.

long story short, practically my whole family has been plotting (behind my back) for like a WEEK!
and i hadn't a clue. not a clue, i tell you!
and yesterday my two older sisters spent the whole afternoon at the house organizing and fixing up the upstairs sewing room as an early christmas present for me!!!  i was simply speechless. 

instead of having the sewing machine table in the little was originally...they placed it slanted in the corner. they also found this CUTE vintage chair! AND they painted "whimsical" and found frames with the letters in "fancy". (ssshhhh "a whimsical fancy" is still a secret). isn't that clever?!

instead they have a nice bench (with baskets underneath for storage) along with adorable pillows and a vintage-y curtain.

they added a curtain over the window seat window and then next to it...a rack where there are baskets hanging holding ribbons and my hot glue gun and such! plus some boxes for MORE storage setting atop . 

and over that...they hung my cute mini painting/picture that sara (my sister) had gotten me. i've been wondering where to hang such a small picture! they're genius.

the other wall now holds my folding, cutting dressform (mandy), and my desk (which is now slanted as well). 

eeee! well. i am agog and aghast. and so very very pleased!!
and truly in LOVE with everything they did. 
now all that remains is for the floors to be re-finished and the windows fixed.
and who knows when that'll be done. but i'm cool with that.
and i cannot WAIT to get to crafting/sewing in my beautiful new room.